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Dance Dance String Orchestra

A reprise. (x) (x)


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stuff I never posted: this Cap and Thor as Jaeger pilots commission (I forgot whose it was, sorry!!)

2013: Some people want to see Ant-Man

Earlier in 2014: Nobody wants to direct Ant-Man. Nobody wants to watch Ant-Man

Present 2014: Nobody wants to watch Ant-Man. Everyone wants to watch The Wasp


If only we could harness the energy and love Tumblr has for Chris Evans’s boob grabbing hands and direct it towards a campaign to restore Jan’s rightful place in the MCU


Kate Bishop, Clint Barton, Pizza Dog and Bro Thug.



atheist side of tumblr, care to explain this?

youre right, god is real 


You’ll catch a cold if you take a nap here, milord

baby: m-mm ma... m
magneto: mommy?
baby: mutant supremacy
magneto: good
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